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Limitless Offgrid lighting

Technology packed streetlighting - the smartest of smart lighting products.

Technology aggregator

The Conflow Power Group has created an adaptable set of complementary technologies, including proprietary innovations, licenced technologies and joint venture project developments. The first result of this is the smartest of smart lighting products.

The street light, now fully developed by Conflow, delivers a diverse range of technologies within a single device. This innovation turns what is traditionally an outgoing cost into a source of profit, while delivering a range of valuable safety, public and health services.

Conflow lighting

Conflow Power has redesigned and re-evaluated the concept of what a streetlight is. Once considered an unavoidable cost, now reinvented as a profit centre.

  • Drone Guidance System (DGS) and
    charging pads
  • Autonoumous vehicle assistance
  • Gunshot detection
  • BatteryWare and PaaS built in
  • Vehicle taffic monitoring and congestion avoidance
  • Intelligent automatic lighting
  • Real-time information on weather
  • Real-time air quality monitoring
  • Infrastructure construction safety monitoring
  • Off-grid and grid as a backup built in

The business model

Conflow Power has partnered with Power As A Service to create recurring revenue from its entire product range. At the point of recharge the PaaS technology will charge the user for the top up, it is for this reason Conflow only develops products where communication to the device is possible and not cumbersome.

Conflow owns BatteryWare Limited, this technology allows Conflow to ensure it can manage and monitor all devices and power top ups. This allows for extraordinary amount of data to flow from the target device to Conflow’s data hub, all aspects of the on-board power sources are monitored constantly. If a device fails, that failure can be spotted ahead of time and replacements can be deployed. A continuous flow of power is at the core of Conflow’s ethos, reliable off-grid power (with the grid as a back up in retrofit situations).

Conflow Power is building strategic partnerships with selected companies in various industries

The Conflow Power Group are building further strategic partnerships in: Transportation, lighting, energy, medical and communications. To learn more please click on the relevant industry.

Our team

Conflows team draw on a wealth of experience in the energy, finance and energy sectors.

Edward Fitzpatrick

CEO & Chairman

Edward brings a wealth of experience to the role, the founder of eight private equity firms that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in various businesses across a broad range of industries.

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Joseph Cleveland

Head of operations

Calling on his background in engineering and electronics. Joseph, a former Bosch employee, coordinates and oversees the team working on the implementation of Conflow technolgies.

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Manfred G von Nostitz

Board Director

Following serving as the Canadian Ambassador to multiple Asian countries, Manfred sits on several boards, and now brings his over 23 years of business and banking experience to Conflow.

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Christopher Bonvini

Finance Director

A former executive of The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS Group, Christopher has over 21 years of experience in company structure, private placements, documentation and funding.

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The Conflow Power Group are building further strategic partnerships in: Transportation, lighting, energy, medical and communications.
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